Solar Meteor Lights

Solar Illuminations created the world's first string of solar powered LED lights almost a decade ago. Here comes another "first" with the world's first solar powered meteor light set.

Using the very latest in LED and SMD technology decorating for the holiday season have never been such fun. No hassle with electric cords with solar, you not only have safety but also the ability to install such a product almost anywhere outside, quickly and easily.

Everyone has string lights and icicle lights but on your street who has meteor lights? When you purchase a set the chances are you will be one of the first and be the talk of the neighborhood!

Our solar meteor lights produce a wonderful special effect after dusk. They switch on automatically and have the typical ability to operate from dusk to dawn.

You can hang them around your porch, along a gutter or string a set up in a tree or bush. Whatever you decide to do with them you will be happy.

They look like falling meteors or shooting stars. Some people like to call them snowfall lights or dream drop lights. It doesn't matter what name you apply to them, they are fun, unique and represent the very latest style in outdoor Christmas lighting.

Because they use dozens of LED's there are never any bulb changes and the rechargeable battery pack last for years. Using the sun's energy the battery is charged up each day even if the weather has been cloudy, the solar panel is very effective.

Solar LED Meteor Lights

The power of solar coupled with the innovativeness of these meteor lights makes them the best choice for this festive season. This is what Solar Illuminations does best!

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